Revelation 12 – a riddle of space and time

Important evidence suggests that 690 years is the answer to the riddle “time, times, and half a time” in Revelation 12:14.  In a nutshell (60 + 600 + 30 = 690):

     time (Eadn) = 60

     + times (Eadyn) = 600

     + 1/2 time (plguTh Eadn) = 30
     60 + 600 + 30 = 690

Rev12Timeline-A-TheoryNow, according to Revelation the the messiah was born in Israel and starts the clock at the year 2BC (Hebrew year: 3759), and then he is crucified and resurrected at age 33 in the year 32AD (seized unto Alha) and the heavenly throne per Rev. 12:5). Then Jerusalem is ransacked by civil war and Roman armies between the years 68AD-70AD (Hebrew years: 3828-3830), at which point Israel (the woman described in Rev. 12) flees into the wilderness (the place outside Israel) for 1,260 years, which brings us to the year 1328 (5088 hebrew year).  That is the year the black plague was discovered in the Gobi desert – and Rev 12:7-12 describes a war in heaven, and the dragon falling to earth (so, mystery revealed: the dragon is like the plague).

Might it also be important the reference to “little time”. For in just a little time (20-years) from the last event described, this infamous ‘black plague’ strikes Asia and Europe and more (said to have killed 1/3 or more of the population) and the masses in Europe actively blame the Jews (even with outrageously false claims such as ‘the jews poisoned the wells’).

On the matter of the persecution & holocaust, the masses/militaries were so fierce that the pope (named Clement 6) in Rome had to publicly issue an order (papal bull) directing the often ‘Christian’ citizenry to stop persecuting the Jews or else face consequences. Helping to confirm this timeline theory, Revelation 12:13 says of the dragon at this time, “it persecuted the woman”. Revelation 12:14 then instructs that the woman is then brought to safety again in the wilderness (still outside Israel) for “a time, times, and half a time.”

Now if we go forward 600 years from the plague of 1348 we find ourselves in the year 1948 (Hebrew year: 5708), the year that Israel publicly becomes a nation at the end of WWII. (Note: even if we started our count in 69AD or 70AD (re Roman ransacking), we still find that 1949-1950 are equally (if not more) significant as the years that Israel first secured its territorial borders and then established the Law of Return for all Jewish people in the world and declared Jerusalem its capitol (even the spiritual capitol of the world). Likewise, we see the same timeline consistency result in the black plague persecution years between 1348-1350). Then add 70 years to complete the 690 answer, and you arrive in 2018-2020, which meets the timeline in my thesis.

Interestingly, 690 as a number would be a multifaceted and poetic answer to the Revelation 12:14 riddle. Time is 60. Times is 600. And half a time is 30.   60+600+30 = 690.   Why 60 for time? Time is widely understood by man in multiples of 60 (our standard time unit: 60 seconds, 60 minutes). Why 600 for times? Because it is the cleanest multiple/plural of 60 (time); in biblical Aramaic it makes even more sense. Note here also that the number 600 is also ½ of 1200 (1200 looks like 12 o’clock). And there is a dichotomy between ‘whole’ and ‘half’ here that will lead to analysis of days and seasons operating like patterns of one other (for example, morning is like spring, midday like summer, evening like fall, and night like winter). And then of course 30 is half a time (1/2 of 60 = 30). This number (690) is also connected to the 1260 stated in the passage above — the bible manuscript I have for Revelation 12:6 does not list 1,260 as a string of numbers as we do normally in English, but rather the text lists this number as three separate Aramaic words, translated as one thousand and two hundred and sixty. It might therefore suggest what will already be obvious to some researchers: each number’s word is independently important just as it is collectively important.

Check each occurrence of these numbers 60, 600, and 30 in the bible and you’ll see they appear all over.  For example, the number 600 appears over 20 times (i.e., in Genesis 7:11, Noah entered the ark at age 600), and 600 has been identified by many students of the bible as a critical number for researching biblical patterns in the physical world in unique ways.  What do you find for 60 and 30?

rev12womanAssuming 690 is a correct answer to the riddle (time, times and the dividing of time), then Revelation says that the serpent then casts waters from its mouth, like a river, but the earth helps the woman by swallowing the river. And then the dragon rages against the remnant of her son who keep the commandments and have the testimony of Yahshua. So in our final timeline segment — concerning this river casting and swallowing process last, and the dragon’s raging war too — we see the time period of 1948 to 2018 is 70 years. And the same math would apply to 1950 to 2020 = 70 years.  So, in this Revelation 12 chronology presented here, the river casting and swallowing process would occur from around 1948, after which the dragon is enraged to go after the “remnant… who keep the commandments of Alha and have to them the testimony of Yahshua.”

“Glaser”, you might ask, “Isn’t there a temptation to count 1,260 days + 20 days + 600 days + 70 days and just start ticking a clock at the white horse of the apocalypse to predict the date the messiah returns?” Perhaps there would be that temptation, but that specific day prediction simply wouldn’t work for at least the following reasons: (a) Revelation 12 does not conclude with a description of the second coming, but rather with a very general description of ‘war with the remnant’, and (b) we have already seen there are inherently unknown times described in Revelation 12 when viewed from the perspective of someone experiencing the events in question. For example, just as the first verses of Revelation 12 didn’t explicitly specify the number of years between the son (Messiah) being seized unto Alha and the beginning of the woman’s (Israel’s) journey in the wilderness (one only discovers this by after-the-fact analogy and research concerning the Messiah’s resurrection in 34AD, and the seizure of Jerusalem in 68-70 AD), the text also doesn’t specify how long the war with the remnant lasts (Rev. 12:17). I think these are mysteries to us. I also think 690 is just one iteration in spacetime of an answer to the riddle from our perspective. For example, like a phi spiral, Revelation 12 is also a mystery with a repeated pattern over larger and/or smaller quantities of spacetime. What can be accomplished in 6000 years on earth? What about 6 days in the universe?

This post should help show how the number 690 fits the timeline theory set forth above. At first I thought 600 was the answer to this riddle, but I later came to see it is only part of the answer on the time continuum. Special thanks to Bill and Kristine.

It looks like Poland would be the best representative of the the great eagle that helped the woman in the wilderness following the black plague. Apparently the majority of Jewish people escaping plague persecution migrated to Poland, which was a country with the symbol of an eagle, and the king at the time named Casimir was the only Polish king who both received and kept the title of “Great” in Polish history. According to an article in the New York Times (July 12, 2007), “Probably about 70 percent of the world’s European Jews, or Ashkenazi, can trace their ancestry to Poland—thanks to a 14th-century king, Casimir III, the Great, who drew Jewish settlers from across Europe with his vow to protect them as “people of the king.” Notice he took a ‘vow to protect the Jewish people as his own’ – that seems important. I read that in 1334, he confirmed the privileges granted to Jewish Poles in 1264 by Bolesław V, and he prohibited (under penalty of death) the kidnapping of Jewish children for the purpose of enforced Christian baptism. He inflicted heavy punishment for the desecration of Jewish cemeteries too. Being the leader of Poland, Casimir had regional influence outside his country as well.

Lithuania was also apparently a force in helping Jewish people find wilderness, and I read that Lithuania was covered with deep forests and huge marshlands, and its people were accustomed to fending off invaders (often ‘christian’ knights) by simply disappearing into the wilds until the foreigners left. It may also be relevant (to show the close relationship between Poland and Lithuania) that a few decades later a Lithuanian king married the princess of Poland.

The plague didn’t travel strongly in the wilderness (compare populated cities of Europe), so the wilderness provided natural protection in that regard as well.

Poland is a big deal – I strongly doubt it is a coincidence that WWII started with an invasion by Hitler of Poland. The country also has an interesting name that makes me think of the earth’s poles, and also electromagnetic polarity.

Heavy parallels are appearing in this line of research. As just one example, note that pope Clement VI (mentioned above) came after the previous pope named Benedict. Clement’s original name was Pierre (Peter)… This bit of information will be noteworthy to those who are aware of the papacy’s dark gameplan that seems to follow the self-fulfilling statements of Malachy (that notably omit any discussion of crime and corruption in Roman Catholicism).

droppedImageIf history is repeating itself, then it would not be a stretch to suggest there may be another plague coming upon the world, and when the time is right those in Israel would be well served for some time in the wilderness (perhaps in the Petra region, itself a great eagle in Jordan).

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