Attorney, Organic Homesteader, Writer

Monica and I currently live in a geodesic dome on a 15-acre homestead ranch in Copperopolis, California.  We are working to build and sustain the ranch through organic techniques.


     Early Years

Born and raised in California, I lived in a relatively small town called Danville virtually my entire life.

When I was a kid, my family attended catholic church. The concepts of infinity and hell scared me so much I used to apologize to “God” if I said a swear word in my mind.  However, the older I got, the more rebellious and unapologetic I became, partly as a response to observing the behavior of rebellion around me.

I went to catholic school for a little while, then public school, always very conscious of my stuttering speech.  I played sports pretty much all year round (though not particularly well), had a group of nerdy friends (though some of us thought the smart kids were the nerds), listened to rock music, played video games a lot, bullied and got bullied, and ate conventional food.

     High School

High school was tough. I started smoking pot regularly and did some other drugs, took up tae kwon do, tried football, ran track, became a thief, experimented with religion a bit, umpired little league and worked several other jobs, and had some girlfriends.  I was always seeking after what I thought was cool, even if only for a limited guy like me.  By now my stutter was totally gone – the remedy was time – and that changed my world.


In community college, I discovered coffee.  I read Catcher in the Rye, twice, and it apparently resonated with me that ‘people are phonies.’  Oddly, while running track I became more egocentric, and even relatively self-righteous.  I also thought environmentalism was cool, so I decided to major in Geography.  I knew of no other environmentalism than the cookie-cutter type taught in most schools and the mass media.

I transferred to UCLA and started reading more, including Ayn Rand.  I didn’t have a firm grasp of my own personal identity – I worried a lot about life’s purpose (which was positive, but the experience was a culture shock).  I made a couple friends and managed a superficial balance between trying to be liked and not caring what people thought.

     Law School

I went to law school in San Francisco partly for idealistic reasons and partly financial.  I wanted to be an environmental lawyer so I could stop “them” from polluting.  I was mostly oblivious to my own impact on the planet, and totally oblivious to the new world order.  Patriotically, I was an ignorant brand of republican/democrat.

This was the time I started writing my novel, The Core of Erik Weathers, which I felt would help ‘change the world.’

This is also when I married Monica.  We had known each other since childhood, were friends in high school, and boyfriend & girlfriend in college.  She was an artist, but decided to go into nursing.  She too was uninformed about the new world order, and its tentacles around seemingly every facet of our lives.

     Junior Associate

My first two legal jobs were eye-openers, especially into my own psychology.

     Work Pause

I left an associate job at the same time my dad got really sick.  I was at home a lot and this gave me more time to research for my novel, which is how I discovered the new world order – through the eyes of conspiracy theory research.  It changed my entire life and led me to become a “Christian.”

     Back to Work

My first year or so being a “Christian” was very wishy-washy, since it was based on a foundation of modern scripture translations and commentaries I’d pieced together.  I was also very gullible to believing in false solutions presented in both religious and secular writings.  In particular, the idea of an infinite hell scared me into a hateful relationship with “God”, an idea in my mind that I feared desperately, though I still tried to convince myself I loved this “God” of my mind.


Only in the last several years have I learned to read and think more critically, and to focus on literal Aramaic and Hebrew translations of certain books of the bible.  I think “the bible” has been heavily edited and misinterpreted, but YHVH will set the record straight in a future kingdom on earth.  In the meantime, we learn lessons about truth and falsity, love and hate, peace and war, and so on.  If you’re humble and you forgive others and you genuinely love your fellow man and show that love by helping the needy, I suppose you’re probably doing okay.  I’m not sure I know any adult on earth who is doing okay by this definition.

As an attorney I only work independently now, though I don’t earn many federal reserve notes each year (compared to attorney averages).

In a nutshell, for myself I recommend adherence to the virtues presented by the biblical Messiah.  I think the world is overdue for a civil and peaceful revolution against the new world order.  Thus, with the help of others, I’ve presented CAN to the public.  I try to support things that promote returning to environmentally simpler lifestyles.

I think the world is filled with diverse people, and according to verses like Matthew 7:2 and 19:12, apparently not everyone receives the same recommendations from our Father in heaven.  As for me, some important tenets are:

  • Be glad that the Messiah has conquered the world. 

  • Love and care for others: give good food to the hungry, give clean water to the thirsty, visit the sick and imprisoned with love, clothe the naked, shelter the stranger.

  • Love your Creator with all your heart, mind, strength, and soul.

  • Do not destroy the earth. Invest in environmental solutions.  Produce and buy organic, local, humane.  Although it feels impossible to avoid pollution, since every thing we do uses at least some resources gained by some unfair measure, we can at least try to be humble, ask forgiveness, and avoid celebrating over our waste.  Perhaps just as those who live by the sword die by the sword (Matthew 26:52), so it is with pollution.

  • If you ever start to feel angry toward someone, pray for them.

The result of my spiritual and intellectual journey can be read in many of the writings on this blog, which are updated from time-to-time to reflect my present thinking.   In a nutshell, I’m a sinner and a hypocrite, but I’m also trying in various measures to be a better man.