Vortex Math – discovering 137


Can gravity be modeled geometrically by squaring a simple 137-digit sequence inside a torus?   I think so… Using Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM), I stumbled upon a simple numeric answer for where this number 137 comes from (it’s the same simple geometry that creates doubling and the Fibonacci sequence).  So, a simple numerical method in VBM

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Preacher Man – Get the Mistranslation Out of Hell!


Summary The ancient literal text says that hell is real, but not everlasting. Hell is described as finite in both space and time.  And all punishment is proportional, because Yahweh does justice!  The text specifies repeatedly that only the Father and those who live in Him (namely, the Son) live continually/perpetually. A very long time

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Mathematics in the Book of Revelation


The Book of Revelation has proven intellectually stimulating for countless mathematicians throughout history, with Isaac Newton being one of the most famous. Newton devoted a very large portion of his career to its study.  Mathematicians gravitate toward Revelation because the book is filled with mathematical mystery — much more than just the infamous 666 mystery. 

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Revelation 12 – a riddle of space and time


Important evidence suggests that 690 years is the answer to the riddle “time, times, and half a time” in Revelation 12:14.  In a nutshell (60 + 600 + 30 = 690):      time (Eadn) = 60      + times (Eadyn) = 600      + 1/2 time (plguTh Eadn) = 30 _________________________      60 + 600

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Logic, Faith, and Skepticism


Introduction: A Paradox  Honestly, do you love trying to be logical?  What about interesting?  Moral?  Funny?  Cool?  Talented?  Productive?  Attractive?  Caring?  Intelligent?  Heroic?  Can you honestly say that your life experience is a saga that divine beings (if any) would enjoy contemplating, or are you more like an ‘extra’ playing some limited role for ‘statistical

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The Number 19


In biblical Hebrew, one name for “God” is “Alha”.  You can read this for yourself in the Book of Genesis and onward.  A key name of the Almighty is Alha, which is spelled ‘aleph-lamed-hey-aleph’. Using simple gematria (aleph = 1, bet = 2… tav =22), the total of these letters is 19.  (1 (a) +

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Perspectives on Alhym (Elohim) Historically and Today


A.     Introduction         The biblical word translated “God” is actually written in the original Hebrew as: ALHA (singular) or Alhym (conjugated).  In modern Hebrew, this has become ‘Elohim’, ‘Eloha’, and so forth.  There is much to say here — for example, Alhym can also be a quality, “godly”.  See e.g. the comparison in Daniel 4:8 between

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The Mysterious Contract Offer in John 8:31-32


“And Yahshua says to those Judeans trusting in him, if you abide in my word truly my disciples you are. And you are knowing the truth, and it, the truth will liberate you.”  John 8:31-32.         John 8:31-32 appears to represent a contract (covenant) offer from the messiah (variously transcribed: Yahshua, Jesus) to his disciples

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This post is written especially for restless Americans who wish to take back the Republic. First, let’s drop the nostalgia. It’s debatable whether there ever really was a fair Republic on this land (either with Americans or native Indians), or even a mildly simpler time – free of oppression, ignorance and corruption.  And as for

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Religionism (We the Pharisees)


Matthew 5:20, “For I word to you, That unless your justness abounds more than the scribes and pharisees, you enter not the sovereigndom of the heavens.” The issue: hypocrisy – being dishonest, elitist, and breaking the rules, including the rules we set for ourselves. It’s a real challenge to find religious people on earth who

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Chasing Rainbows and Running From Bullets


Of all the choices we make in life, here is the mindset that may be at the essential root of decision-making: “Do I genuinely and humbly desire to love others through radically peaceful and natural actions?” To answer this question, here are two key points: #1: lips don’t desire, hearts do. And #2: taking radical

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Restricted Movements


Throughout history, political underdogs with momentum always seem to prevail over the aggressor, only to be hijacked by the powers-that-be, thereby becoming the very aggressor originally opposed. “There is nothing more common in history than for oppressed people to rise up against their masters and, at great cost in treasure and blood, throw off the

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