Vortex Math – discovering 137

Can gravity be modeled geometrically by squaring a simple 137-digit sequence inside a torus?   I think so… Using Vortex Based Mathematics (VBM), I stumbled upon a simple numeric answer for where this number 137 comes from (it’s the same simple geometry that creates doubling and the Fibonacci sequence).  So, a simple numerical method in VBM […]

Mathematics in the Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation has proven intellectually stimulating for countless mathematicians throughout history, with Isaac Newton being one of the most famous. Newton devoted a very large portion of his career to its study.  Mathematicians gravitate toward Revelation because the book is filled with mathematical mystery — much more than just the infamous 666 mystery.  […]

Logic, Faith, and Skepticism

Introduction: A Paradox  Honestly, do you love trying to be logical?  What about interesting?  Moral?  Funny?  Cool?  Talented?  Productive?  Attractive?  Caring?  Intelligent?  Heroic?  Can you honestly say that your life experience is a saga that divine beings (if any) would enjoy contemplating, or are you more like an ‘extra’ playing some limited role for ‘statistical […]

The Number 19

In biblical Hebrew, one name for “God” is “Alha”.  You can read this for yourself in the Book of Genesis and onward.  A key name of the Almighty is Alha, which is spelled ‘aleph-lamed-hey-aleph’. Using simple gematria (aleph = 1, bet = 2… tav =22), the total of these letters is 19.  (1 (a) + […]

Perspectives on Alhym (Elohim) Historically and Today

A.     Introduction         The biblical word translated “God” is actually written in the original Hebrew as: ALHA (singular) or Alhym (conjugated).  In modern Hebrew, this has become ‘Elohim’, ‘Eloha’, and so forth.  There is much to say here — for example, Alhym can also be a quality, “godly”.  See e.g. the comparison in Daniel 4:8 between […]


This post is written especially for restless Americans who wish to take back the Republic. First, let’s drop the nostalgia. It’s debatable whether there ever really was a fair Republic on this land (either with Americans or native Indians), or even a mildly simpler time – free of oppression, ignorance and corruption.  And as for […]